Red Maple

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I have been tracking my son’s growth on the corner of our kitchen wall at our home on Red Maple Court since 2011. Lance who's 14 in most of these photos now stands over 67-inches tall -somewhere between March and June 2014. He surpassed my height of 63-inches- and has yet to hit his growth spurt. His voice is deeper, he goes limp when I try to hug him and his arms and legs are gangly and even more stick-like on his slender body. Even though he still builds with his Legos, spins around on the smooth wood surface of our living room floor and sleeps on his Spongebob sheets, the adolescent changes in Lance challenges me to make peace with and embrace the transformation of my still very goofy, but no-longer-a-little-boy, man-child.